Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beer primes at RRV Cross Series

So, the good guys at Great Divide Brewing company have given us some help in regards to a little extra motivation during the RRV Cross Series.

We'll be doing beer primes for the winner of the first lap in each race (except maybe not the juniors), and we'll also award beer to one or two guys each race - could be the last place guy on the first lap, maybe best crash, or the guy we deem to be suffering the most. No fakers though.

Plus, we'll have beer around after the race in case you don't win anything.


Tigger-In-Chains said...

How bout big beers for a Clydesdale?

Anonymous said...

mmmmm beer

Scott said...

Were the primes handed out? I didn't hear anything announced at the RRV #1 race. I won the first lap in the 35+4 but no beer was awarded.

hairless said...

The primes were handed out - although we had to give a bunch of beer away at the end of the day cause some went unclaimed. Should have been an announcement at the start of each race. If you didn't get your prime last time, find me (Clay - promoter) and I'll try to hook you up on the next race.

Scott said...

Awesome...yeah, the officials didn't say anything during call ups or when we were on the line so didn't know. Dave may have have announced it though but was probably too hypoxic to comprehend :)

...I'll hook up with you at RRV #2.

Thanks Clay!


Engineer Dude said...

btw - the juniors' 'sponsors' drink beer and we love Great Divide! :)